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EarthMedic and EarthNurse, global non-profit organizations, have a specialized focus on climate-vulnerable regions, primarily centered in the Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS). With headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago, EarthMedic and EarthNurse are dedicated to addressing health and environment-related issues.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing community for nurses, doctors, and individuals deeply concerned about the urgent climate and health crisis. We offer a secure platform where you can engage in meaningful discussions, establish valuable connections, share innovative ideas and resources, and take decisive action to enhance personal well-being, society, and the planet.”

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Climate change as a health crisis

Climate change, driven by human activities, poses a significant threat to both global health and our planet. However, it also presents a remarkable opportunity for improving overall well-being—both on a human and planetary scale—when we collaborate effectively.


Doctors from Earth: What Future Do We Choose?

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I’m a Medic/Nurse climate change is a health crisis. A push for the world to start anew, I pledge to improve my health, our society, and my planet I’m a Medic/Nurse. Promoting the health of the people and the earth together.

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